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Wedding Wishes

Here is an example of a wedding wish from a best friend to the bride:

It seems like a long time ago
Just shy of nine years to be exact
That we met in our dorm hallway
On a day that was jam-packed.

Freshmen year move-in day
I remember it well
I was quite nervous
Or couldn’t you tell?

I knocked on your door
Which was open a touch
Because my mom said, “Go and meet somebody,”
And I planned to do at least that much.

Boy, am I glad I met you just then
Because you turned out to be such a great friend!

I just can’t imagine
What life would have been like
Without seeing “Serendipity”
And taking our bikes.

Remember the ride to the bus stop?
I think we almost got hit
But the fun of being with you
Made the fear pass – I must admit!

The movie was great
And the soundtrack was too
I remember how much you liked it
And I hope you still do!

When freshmen year passed
I got lucky once more
I hope you feel the same
Because I wound up across the hall from you again – Score!

With sophomore year came more movies
“Chicago” and “Ocean’s Eleven”
It was snowing a lot when we went to see them
But we didn’t freeze – thank heavens!

As the end of the year approached
I made plans to come to Chapel Hill
There sure was a lot to do
It was no Dullsville!

I remember that your dad called to say
That some American Idol was singing at the Durham Bulls game
So I got all excited just to find out
That it was Clay Aiken whom I wouldn’t miss beyond a doubt!

We went to the game
I met some of your friends
We walked around campus
And we went to the beach, which I recommend!

Junior year we lived separately
And we celebrated our twenty-firsts
When I said, “I love you”
It was a very true outburst!

I may have had a drink or two (or three)
You may allege I was drunk a little bit
But I remember everything
And the fact that I love you is true – I submit!

Senior year brought boyfriends
While trouble ensued
Thank you for being there for me after Mark
When I was a bit unglued.

We took Josh to see Nascar (with Kiefer’s voiceover!)
By pretending we were going for a run
I think he kind of believed us
So I’d say it was a job well done.

When graduation was over
Oh, how time flies!
I lived with you all for a while
And waited for job replies.

I started to substitute
While you went to dental school
I missed you a lot
But you came to visit because you’re oh-so-cool!

I had just met James
It was December of ‘05
I put off our first date
Because you were planning to arrive.

As the years have passed
We’ve seen each other less
But your being my Maid of Honor
Was something I would never second-guess.

I know you have many best friends
And many claim you as their own
But I am proud to call you mine
So I hope that is something you can say you’ve known.

Now that you’re getting married
I am doubly proud to say
That you are the greatest, sweetest, kindest person
That has ever come my way.

I love you more than you even know
But I’ll happily repeat it again and again
Jenny Elizabeth Lawson-Murphy (soon to be Parsons)
You are more than a great friend!

You are my confidante
My family
My memories
My laughs
My German speaking dentist
And I’ll do anything on your behalf.

I mean it most sincerely
When I say from the bottom of my heart and soul
That I love you Jenny Elizabeth Lawson-Murphy
So thank you, thank you, thank you for helping me to make these last nine years so out of control!