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30th Anniversary Poem

Sarah from Michigan shares these thoughts from her mother-in-law after giving her in-laws the following poem for their 30th wedding anniversary:

“I’ve been reading it, and I LOVE it! Thank you so much. It is really a gift that gives pleasure forever.”

Sarah’s thoughts:

“It was great working with Beth from EuroWarrant. She helped me put my thoughts into just the right words, and she worked with me to make sure the poem matched all the details I provided. My in-laws loved it!”

Here is the 30th Anniversary Poem that Sarah had EuroWarrant pen for her:

I could write something simple like roses are red,
But I’d rather pen a verse more meaningful instead.
Now, because Sheryl is a gifted poet,
I have to make sure I don’t blow it.
This is a tribute to thirty years,
For good times, for bad times, for happiness and tears.

The cottage on weekends allows time to relax,
As you ride in your golf cart, and soon in kayaks.
Weekends come quickly and work is set aside
As you cast off your worries and focus on the tide.

Reality soon imposes, and with five more days to go
You think about your jobs, and free time for favorite TV shows.
That’s right… “The Nanny,” “Gilmore Girls,” and “Sex in the City,”
I’m even watching . . . they all are so witty!

Some nights you go to Royal Oak to take a walk;
The atmosphere is friendly, as you stroll from block to block.
You may go to the market or the office too.
It’s always amazing how much there is to do!

Your big smiles and laughter always bring joy,
And when Jack can’t believe something he says “What?!” instead of “Oy!”
Over the the years you’ve watched two boys mature,
No matter what trouble they caused, you always endured.

They’re grown up now, and they’ve got you to thank,
Because as I try to think of two more loving parents, I’m drawing a blank.
You’re happy, successful, entertaining to boot,
Jack is energetic, Sheryl all too cute.

Its really quite a pleasure to know you, so I say…
May this anniversary be the greatest …far and away!