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1st Anniversary Poem

The following poem was written by Beth Rodgers of EuroWarrant for her boyfriend at the time (now husband) for the anniversary of their first year of being together (written in December 2006). It chronicles one whole year’s activities and shares tons of memories that will last a lifetime:

1st Anniversary Poem

Let me begin with a simple phrase:
I love you now and always.
When I feel low, you make me smile.
I hope you feel the same at least once in a while.
This poem is a remembrance of this past year,
For our anniversary, a day full of cheer!

It was last year, around August of ’05,
That we first remember seeing each other, at the campfire and hayride.
Even though we weren’t on the same team, and I was “Beth the bird,”
I remember when you showed up late, and played the guitar afterward.
Then we were at Beth Shalom at the comedy show;
It’s hard to believe I didn’t know you all that time ago.

But finally December came, and with it a Chanukah bash,
Sponsored by Hillel, it really was quite a smash.
We played golf at the Joe Dumars fieldhouse, and laser tag and such,
Jumping on the trampoline was maybe a little too much.
You thought my name was Dina, and went home to ask your brother;
It wasn’t till you messaged me that you knew I was another.
You wrote to me on Christmas, but we didn’t talk till the next day;
I can’t believe I made us wait till Thursday to go out…why oh why did I delay?

Our first date was a Thursday, the 29th of December,
We started out at the Coffee Beanery; boy, do I remember.
We were there about 45 minutes before they were closed; although,
I was definitely hoping that my nervousness wasn’t out for show.
When that place closed, we went to Caribou in downtown Birmingham,
But it wasn’t long before they closed too, and we were in another jam.
One last stop, we told ourselves, and after a hot chocolate and two teas,
We settled on the Java Hutt – “let this one stay open, please!”
We talked for about four hours, and then you took me home,
You were leaving the next day for Chicago, the next plot point in this poem.
When you got back, it was January – the first to be exact,
We talked and made a plan to see a movie your second day back.

So, on the 2nd we went to see “Fun with Dick & Jane,”
My happiness when you held my hand was a difficult feeling to restrain.
We went out to Ram’s Horn for hot chocolate and coffee,
And I told you I had a bit of a sore throat,
You asked me if I thought my throat was too sore for a kiss,
And I felt like I wanted to float.

Over the next couple of weeks, we went to karaoke and to Cranbrook,
When two fireworks went off in the sky, I knew that I was hooked.
I met your parents the following Sunday for the season premiere of “24,”
When you told me they wanted to meet me, I felt happier than before.
I changed my clothes a couple of times, and got ready to come by,
Little did I know your mom and I would sing “The Nanny” theme,
And hit it off on the fly.

We then went to the auto show, and to the House of Ing,
When I finally visited Flint the first time, I knew we really had something.
February came and was a ton of fun, especially when we went skiing,
It was then that you told me you loved me,
And I knew even before that I love you more than anything.

**Here’s a quick interjection to reiterate that you know I love you tons,
And that I can’t get enough of you – you’re more special to me than anyone.**

Continuing on with the rest of our year, I think we’ve come to March,
When I went to Florida for a wedding, and missed you for a week,
We finally got together after all those days during which we could only speak.
Then came your Bubbie and Zadie’s anniversary; Sandtrap’s on 5 is where we went,
It was a very nice evening as we sang and danced and celebrated the event.

April brought us to Flint to see “Fiddler on the Roof” at your school,
I enjoyed hearing you play the piano and the bass – you’re oh so cool!
Then Passover where we spent one night with your family and one with mine,
Before your 24th birthday, which is where we continue this storyline.
We went to the Second City with Jordan and Traci,
After a meal at TGI Friday’s which was quite tasty.
Then we went to Roosevelt’s to play pool,
I’m not usually good at that game, so I spent a lot of time on a stool.
I really enjoyed your birthday, and I hope that you did too,
It was quite fun to plan surprises for you.

With May came Mother’s Day, and for you a ton of class,
It was good when that crazy month came to pass.
And June brought Father’s Day and your parents’ anniversary at the end,
I’m glad they enjoyed the poem that I penned!

July was quite great, I really must say,
It seemed we had something to do day after day.
First was Foxfire at Tamarack,
I came straight from Toronto after being back.
It was fun and enjoyable, the music and games,
I was very happy that I came.
Then came my birthday and the parade in the city,
When you sang me my song, I really felt giddy.
The book about movies was a really great one to choose,
And dinner at the Brio Tuscan Grille garnered both of our rave reviews.
The Beatles revival was top notch indeed,
The entertainment was fun to sing along with, we agreed.
You made it quite great – my birthday, that is,
As you made it the best; even better than showbiz (and that’s saying a lot from me, gee whiz!).
When we went to the Tamarack fireworks, I was in a happy mood,
As seeing the stars and lights filled me with gratitude.
I was thankful for being there and seeing such a view,
But more than anything, I couldn’t express how very thrilled I was to be with you (hopefully you knew!)

Your Bubbie and Zadie’s birthday parties were a couple weeks later,
Again I enjoyed myself; I couldn’t have felt greater.
Your senior recital was coming ‘round the bend,
No greater piano player could I recommend.
You practiced and practiced and prepared for the night,
When you’d play Debussy, Chopin, Mozart, and Haydn – what a delight!
At the end of that month you also got hired,
Things worked out for you as a music teacher, as you’d aspired.
I was (and am!) so proud of you, but still I must say,
I wanted a job too, and it didn’t seem to be coming my way.

We spent Labor Day at the beach, as we’d done once or twice before,
And played with kayaks – who could ask for more?
Then I had three interviews in the course of just two days;
Who knew after the very last one I’d start working everyday?
It’s wonderful and amazing that we both got jobs this year,
I think we both had legitimate concerns having some fear.
I can’t tell you how happy I am for both you and me,
But I’m sure you feel the same and can agree.

With October came Halloween and a full month of work;
Without Thanksgiving coming up, we might have gone berserk.
November came pretty fast, and we did quite a bit,
Going to the Dan Nichols’ concert was fun, I must admit.
You made me my Ben Folds CD, along with Rocket Summer,
I started eating healthier; I know I was a late-comer.
At Thanksgiving I met Jon, and we had a good time,
I really liked meeting him, and that’s the end of this verse’s rhyme.

This December we saw “Pippin,” for the second time around,
It has won for Best Musical, so it is quite renowned.
We went to my school’s holiday party and enjoyed ourselves, I think,
The house we went to even had a room all painted pink.
Later on was your dad’s work party at the Rathskeller,
A good time was had by all, I must infer.
Chanukah came and went, and the baked latkes we had tasted swell,
School let out for winter break, and we left, wishing everyone well.

Now it’s been a year, and I couldn’t be more thrilled,
Because I love you more than anything, and my happiness is always fulfilled.
I want you to know that looking back at this year, I am filled with nothing but the greatest of times,
And I sincerely hope you enjoyed this lengthiest of rhymes.
You are adorable, sweet, charming, and cute,
Wonderful, loving, and handsome to boot.

My memories are quite vivid, so this was fun to write,
I know that I enjoyed it, and hopefully you might.
You really make me so very happy, more than I’ve ever been,
So smile, be happy, and put on one of your cute grins.
We’re at the end of this poem, so I have to say a word or two more,
After this past year, I’d love an encore!